Journey Into the Bible

by Kregel
SKU 14119

An innovative approach brings the Bible to life for children

If only you could have stood and watched as the great stories of the Bible unfolded in the ancient world...

This exciting, time-travel book combines fascinating facts and "travel tips" with intriguing pictures and maps to take all young explorers on a guided tour of the ancient world of the Bible and its people. Drawing you into foreign lands and epic journeys, from the beginning of time itself, you will be given a tourist's-eye view of the people and empires that provided the setting for the Bible's key stories.

Each stop on your journey allows you to learn about the people and events associated with that place as well as offering astonishing glimpses of what archaeologists have uncovered. "Travel tips" give you useful information for your journey--what food and weather to expect, where to stay, what sort of festivals you might experience, and what souvenirs are worth looking out for!

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