Integrity of the New Testament

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This is a most necessary book, extraordinarily relevant to the time in which we live. The opening years of the twenty-first century show that two significant developments have become mainstream in our culture. There is, on the one hand, the stunningly rapid decline of biblical literacy within our society over the past several generations. The Bible is more and more seen as at best utterly irrelevant to the modern, scientific time in which we live, at worst explicitly hostile and hateful to present cultural attitudes and agendas. There is also the related rise in recent years of the general notion that the New Testament is a flawed, politically motivated, poorly transmitted, arbitrarily chosen collection of documents derivative from ancient religious obsessions and struggles for power in the name of orthodoxy.

To affirm that the New Testament is what it claims to be, this new work covers:

  • New Testament Textual Criticism: Why It Matters (Ethan R. Longhenry)
  • The Gospel: From Oral Tradition to the Written Text (Jon W. Quinn)
  • Canonicity and the “Missing” Books of the Bible (Allen Dvorak)
  • The “Church Fathers” and Their Testimony (Dan Petty)
  • New Testament Documents–Date and Authorship (Steve Wolfgang)
  • The Earliest New Testament Manuscripts (Matthew Allen)
  • The Nomina Sacra–Names of God (Shane Scott)
  • The Copyists: Their Work and Goals (Doy Moyer)
  • Dealing With Variances (Mark Roberts)
  • Editions of the Greek New Testament (Dan Peters)
  • The English Translators (Mike Schmidt)
  • Our Confidence in the New Testament (Warren E. Berkley)
  • Exclusive: Exposition of Luke 1 (Kevin Kay)

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