In Pursuit of Happiness

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Choices That Can Change Your Life

Christian psychiatrist Frank Minirth gives readers more hope for happiness than ever in this follow-up to his best-selling Happiness Is a Choice. Recognizing how hard it is to act when paralyzed by pressing emotions, Minirth provides specific steps anyone can take to get started on the road to happiness. He shows what makes the emotions tick while he tackles such issues as depression, stress, loneliness, conflict, grief, and aging. Then he lays down practical coping strategies on an integrated foundation of medical, behavioral, and biblical principles. Each chapter is packed with clear, concise approaches to difficult circumstances.

Included are:

  • "Depression: Pursuing Well-Being,"
  • "Anger: Pursuing Forgiveness,"
  • "Loss and Grief: Pursuing Comfort,"
  • "Anxiety: Pursuing Peace."
An exhaustive glossary explains terms in laypersons' language, while detailed appendices on medications, diagnostic data, and Scriptures are of particular interest to professionals. This is a valuable resource for the hurting and the caregiver alike.

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