Hebrews - Downloadable Answer Key PDF

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Answer Key PDF provides the authors' answer to the questions of each lesson in the workbook.

About Hebrews   The book of Hebrews is written to a group of Christians who had been serving the Lord for years. Instead of progressing, this group of Christians started to drift from the truth, were in danger of hardening their hearts to the point of unbelief, were not growing as they should, and in danger of drawing back into their former ways prior to obeying the gospel. They needed exhortation, teaching, and endurance. The author of Hebrews seeks to provide these in this letter by reminding them of the greatness of Christ, the great benefits of His death and Priesthood, and the better covenant He established with better promises.

Who cannot benefit from exhortation, teaching, and encouragement to endure today? Challenges today arise from different sources than those facing the Hebrews. Yet, the power of this letter provides the same great benefits today as it did in the first century.

This workbook contains 13 lessons. Each lesson covers one chapter of the book of Hebrews and contains an outline of the chapter along with a discussion of the text. The insightful commentary is sure to make this a beneficial study.

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