Bible Crossword Puzzles Book Vol. 2 Large Print

by Ingram
SKU 40136

This Bible Crossword Puzzle Book Large Print Volume 2 is a sequel edition and besides that, it is unique in that it helps you to understand more basic facts about the bible that you never knew existed while sharpening your mind!

Yes, this book will help you to literary commit the scriptures to memory effortlessly as you solve the pages of each puzzle in this great book. Besides, this is a fun way of engaging both yourself and the kids in their free period while getting built up spiritually. However, you will find the answers at the back of this book.

  • The answers are supported with bible quotations from the King James Version of the bible to help every user understand each Crossword Puzzle.

    You do not have to start from the first puzzle page as the puzzles have been divided into different topics like the miracles of Jesus, divine interventions, biblical fathers, major prophets, the sayings of Jesus, the generation of Jesus etc. So, all you need do is to go through the table of content and choose any topic that appeals to you at the moment. Puzzles include:

  • Heroes of Faith
  • General Bible Knowledge
  • Miracles
  • Women in the Bible
  • Jesus
  • and more!
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