FC Lectures 2010 - Living In Captivity: God's People in a Time of Crisis

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The 2010 Florida College Lectureship is based on Old Testament accounts of the crisis of the Babylonian exile. The lessons provided here call attention to the bitter experiences of captivity, and how those experiences speak to God's people today. The speakers in this series examine various texts from that period and show how the lessons they teach are relevant for Christians in our modern situation. The evening lectures all maintain an absolute focus on God—past, present, and future. Tuesday's lectures focus on the past problems that led to the captivity; and Thursday's lectures focus on questions regarding the future hopes and expectations of God's people in captivity.


Lessons Include:

  • The Sovereign Lord of History- Melvin Curry
  • Our God is a Consuming Fire- Tommy Peeler
  • The God of Hope: Can These Bones Live? Ray Madrigal
  • The Incurable Wound- Colly Caldwell
  • Trusting in Gods That Cannot Save- Leon Mauldin
  • Who is To Blame for This Mess? Monte Hampton
  • The Wages of Sin: Your House is Left Desolate- Kevin Kay
  • Wrong Responses to Captivity- Mark Roberts
  • Purity in an Unclean World- Albert Dickson
  • Submit to the King of Babylon- Allan Turner
  • Seek the Welfare of the City- Keith Ward
  • Will Good Come Out of this Evil? Jason Longstreth
  • How Will We Live in a Foreign Land? Paul Ayres
  • Where Will We Worship? Frank Jamerson
  • When Will Our King Return? Bob Hutto

  • Edited by Dan Petty


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