FC Lectures 2008 - Challenges of Our Times: Some Answers for Young Christians

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As in Paul's day, we today are engaged in a great battle of ideas. Systems of thought that are part of our culture are posing serious threats to those who hold to a biblical world view. Walking by faith becomes increasingly difficult in the face of these challenges. Young Christians, especially, often find themselves facing difficult questions regarding their faith and are looking for help with their answers.

The lessons in this series examine common challenges to the faith of Christians—especially young Christians. Some of these challenges have to do with the authority and integrity of the Bible, the uniqueness of Christianity, ethics, and morality, and intellectual and social tensions of our culture. The speakers have provided some valuable help in dealing with these challenges.


  • Challenges of Our Times - Thaxter Dickey
  • Why Right is Right and Wrong is Wrong - David McClister
  • Truth and Certainty in an Age of Doubt - Lawrence Kelley
  • How Can I Be Sure the Bible Doesn't Contain Mistakes? - Doy Moyer
  • How Can I Be Sure the Bible Includes the Right Books? - Tom Hamilton
  • Why Should I Follow the Bible? - Max Dawson
  • What is the Difference Between Them and Us? - Earl Robertson
  • Where Do I Draw the Line? - Edwin Crozier
  • Are There Moral Dilemmas in the Bible? - L.A. Stauffer
  • How Can I Be an Honest Person? - Jason Moore
  • What Can I Do Now That I've Messed Up? - Mark Broyles
  • Are All Religions Equal? - Ed Sanderson, Sr.
  • How Can I Deal With Social Pressures? - Rick Lanning
  • How Should I Regard Modern Science? - Doug Northcutt
  • Can I Get a College Education Without Compromising My Faith? - Brian Crispell
Edited by Dan Petty