FC Lectures 2007 - Back to the Beginning: Studies in Acts

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As the first page of church history, Acts provides an historical account of the first years of Christianity. As an apologetic treatise it demonstrates the church as the fulfillment of the Old Testament and as the victor over paganism. As a narrative of the life of the earliest disciples, it has a personal appeal that is not only informative, but provocative. Because of its emphasis on the first principles of the gospel Acts has a practical value in helping us understand and carry out the Lord's great commission to preach the gospel to all creation. The Book of Acts is, of course, a continuation of Luke's story, the necessary sequel to his gospel of the life of Jesus of Nazareth. According to the inspired author, the things Jesus "began to do and teach" were recorded in his first account. The mission of the Messiah was passed on to His apostles, who carried on His work through the power of the Holy Spirit. The story Luke tells in Acts is the story of the divine origin of Christianity. The speakers for this lectureship will lead us "Back to the Beginning."



  • All That Jesus Began to Do and Teach - Dan Petty
  • The Conquering Kingdom - Harold Comer
  • The Jesus God Raised Up - Curtis Pope
  • The Role of the Holy Spirit - David Posey
  • Preaching to Those Who Are "Near" - Jason Longstreth
  • Powerful Preachers - Phillip Mullins
  • The Early Christians and the Old Testament - David Banning
  • The Way - Johnny Stringer
  • Stephen's Sermon - Rich Gant
  • Saul's Conversion - Andy Diestelkamp
  • The Jerusalem Meeting - Sid Latham
  • Preaching to Those Who Are "Far Off" - Scott Finley
  • Dealing with Internal Challenges - Norman Fultz
  • Dealing with External Obstacles - Bob Watson
  • Preaching to Convert Men's Hearts - Charles Spence

  • Edited by Dan Petty


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