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Workbook PDF (Single User) allows the convenience of being able to study the material anytime, anywhere - you will always have the material at your fingertips. May be stored electronically and printed for personal use.

 About Devoted to Prayer   

Prayer is powerful. It connects us to God and alters the course of our lives. That is why God expects us to be devoted to prayer: “Devote yourselves to prayer, keeping alert in it with an attitude of thanksgiving” (Colossians 4:2). But how do we develop this kind of commitment? Rather than simply increasing knowledge about prayer, we need to lay solid foundations—a knowledge of God and a desire to communicate with Him.

Devoted to Prayer is a motivational guide, helping us to know God, to believe in Him, and to engage Him in prayer. Ultimately, only God, His Word, and individual commitment can radically change your prayer life, but this workbook may point you to Him, highlight His Word, and motivate greater devotion. So, if you are ready to be devoted to prayer, let’s get started! The book will be a blessing to all disciples who seek a deeper, more meaningful relationship with God.


A 12 week study that includes 24 lessons in 3 parts: Know, Believe & Engage. Additional topics in appendices covering subjects such as staying focused, fasting and the Holy Spirit for those on a 13 week schedule.

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