Dead Sea Scrolls Pamphlet

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The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls is one of the most important archaeological finds ever for Christians. This find confirms that the Bible was translated accurately over the centuries. The scrolls also tell us about life at the time of Jesus and the New Testament. Dead Sea Scrolls includes the story of how the scrolls were discovered, a map, time line, photos of the caves where they were discovered and photos of the scrolls themselves.

12 panels, fits inside most Bible covers, Size: 8.5 x 5.5 inches, unfolds to 33" long

The Dead Sea Scrolls are a fascinating source of material regarding biblical times and the scrolls hold even greater importance to Christians. The Dead Sea Scrolls tell us:

  • The reliability of Old Testament translation over the years
  • Interesting information on the culture and times of Jesus Christ
  • What the people of Jesus' time expected from the Messiah

The Dead Sea Scrolls examines the discovery of the oldest known copies of portions of the Old Testament. These ancient documents confirm the accuracy of modern Bible translations, but what were they doing hidden in caves in Qumran? Who were the people who hid them there? What do these scrolls reveal about Jewish history, the Old and New Testaments and early Christianity?

The Dead Sea Scrolls investigates the amazing discovery. Includes a map of the region, a time line, and photos of caves and parchment scrolls. Includes insights on the Isaiah Scroll and other key discoveries.

The pamphlet reveals:

  • What we know about the site
  • How the scrolls reveal the accuracy of Old Testament Bible translation over the centuries
  • What the scrolls reveal about Jewish history
  • What the scrolls reveal about early Christianity
  • What the scrolls reveal about the New Testament

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