Creation & Evolution Wall Chart Laminated

SKU 408L

Post this colorful 26" x 19" chart and let your students take in the creation/evolution debate at a glance!

  • Featuring entries for astronomy, geology, paleontology, genetics, biochemistry, and mathematics, it offers an overview of "What the Theory of Evolution Says," "What Evolutionists Say We Ought to See," "What We Actually Observe in Nature," "What Scientists Say," and "Explanations Offered by Creationists."
  • Also features a biblical timetable, glossary, quotes from scientists, and more.
  • Gives many scientific facts, as well as dozens of quotes from secular scientists who say that we have less evidence for Darwin's Theory of Evolution today, than we did at Darwin's time.
  • Helps Christians and non-Christians see that we cannot explain our existence simply by natural selection through vast amounts of time. Be ready to explain why you believe in biblical creation.
  • Explains what creationists believe (Old Earth and Young Earth views).

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