Building Blocks for Bible Study

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Laying a Foundation for Life

Are you confused by Bible passages that seem to have little application to today? Do you listen to sermons and wonder, "How does the minister find these wonderful gems of application?" Is your personal study time "tedious" and more work than it seems to be worth? Building Blocks for Bible Study will help!

This valuable study will help YOU understand your Bible in a way that brings life to your personal study time and energy to your relationship with God. Building Blocks for Bible Study is designed to lead the reader into a deeper understanding and application of the Bible. The purpose is to expose the reader to the unlimited resources available within their Bibles--releasing God's word from pages, directing it to the heart!

Lessons included are...

  • How to interpret and apply the author's intended meaning
  • Learning to apply basic principles of interpretation
  • Understanding the benefits of the different versions of the Bible
  • Performing detailed background, grammar and content studies
  • Using commentaries, concordances and Bible dictionaries
  • Step-by-step application of these lessons to a Bible passage

These techniques are simple and easily understandable. This effective study will help you develop the ability to understand, define and apply any verse of your Bible. Whether you are a student., Bible teacher, or just a Christian who wants to grow Building Blocks for Bible Study is a resource that will reconstruct the way you perceive and teach basic Bible truths!

Building Blocks for Bible Study has 8 chapters and 160 pages.

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