Broken Minds: Hope for Healing

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A deeply personal, yet practical, book for Christians who are clinically depressed or have been diagnosed with a mental illness.

Mental illness.

Those words bring to mind frightening scenes of padded walls, white straitjackets, and screaming people. But mental illness is often much more subtle—and much more prevalent than we imagine. Unfortunately, people who are diagnosed as being mentally ill may not understand what is happening to them. And for Christians, some "helpful" leaders heap on guilt, saying that the problem is spiritual rather than physical in nature.

This book takes Steve's personal story of major depression and weaves through it Robyn's insights and Steve's professional knowledge. The result is a tapestry of practical information—including definitions, treatment options, government services available, and interactions with the church and God—and a deep compassion for those who feel like their world is falling apart.

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