Big Book of Wild & Wacky Bible Presentations

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Imagine bouncing out in front of the class dressed like a lamb and baa-ing, or dressing your fellow worker up like a clown with two faces. The class will love it, and so will you. The Big Book of Wild and Wacky Bible Presentations has 52 of these off-the-wall lessons for primary and junior children. A whole year of enjoyment!

Each lesson has an overview of everything you’ll do, an expandable schedule lasting from 25 to 50 minutes, complete instructions, and adaptations for small and large groups. Each lesson is firmly based on Scripture – enough to cover the lesson, not so much it confuses the scholars. The subjects cover a wide range including biblical accuracy, creation, God’s faithfulness, jealousy, the one way of salvation (which features a turkey), temptation, and many others.

Everything is reproducible, so only one book is needed.

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