Bible CEB New Testament Outreach Edition

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Common English Bible New Testament Outreach Edition The greatest story ever told is now easier to read and easier to share so everyone can embrace the message of Jesus Christ. When we celebrate special days with friends and family, we don't use formal language but speak naturally, just like Jesus did when he used everyday language to share with his disciples. The Common English Bible New Testament translates the words of Jesus and the insights of the Apostles from their everyday language to our everyday language. By avoiding obscure words and outdated phrases, this new translation is accesible to both young and old, believers and seekers. New Testament Features: Welcome message and prayers from Adam Hamilton Five meditations from 24 Hours That Changed the World: Reflections by Adam Hamilton Overview of the history of the Bible 90-day plan to read through the entire New Testament Thematic index of verses dealing with common needs New Testament text of the Common English Bible translation in a two-column setting 304 pages 9 pt font