Archaeology and The Bible: Old Testament Pamphlet

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This pamphlet lists 50 key archaeological finds that support the veracity of the Old Testament, shed light on the culture and customs, and help us understand the ancient people of the Bible. It explains the importance of 50 key finds such as The House of David inscription, the earliest archaeological find to mention King David; The Dead Sea Scrolls, which testifies to the accuracy of Bible translation over the past 2000 years. Other topics include: Abraham, archaeological evidence, Old Testament, ark of covenant, artifacts, biblical archaeology, biblical evidence, biblical proof, clay tablets, earliest ruins, Egyptian tomb, Gilgamesh epic, Holy Land, Israel, King David, King Solomon, Masoretic text, Moses, Old Testament, ostracon, Pharaoh, Philistines, pottery, proof, royal tomb, scrolls, Solomons temple, stele, Tabernacle, Tent of Meeting, temple, tomb, and ziggurat.