An Introduction to the Old Testament Prophetic Books

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The focus of this book is the major and minor prophets of the Old Testament. Author C. Hassell Bullock has chosen to follow a historical line of study through the literary prophets, instead of the usual canonical order. The Old Testament prophets and their writings are clustered around critical historical events or eras. In fact, Israel's history from the eighth to the fifth century B.C. can be roughly sketched according to the prophets. Study the prophets of the Neo-Assyrian period, whose attention focused on the circumstances and results of the fall of the Northern Kingdom (Israel) in 722 B.C.; those of the Neo-Babylonian period, who focused on the fall of the Southern Kingdom (Judah) in 586 B.C.; and the prophets of the Persian period and the Jewish return to Israel after exile. Get a clearer picture of Israel's history, as well as a sharper understanding of Old Testament prophets and prophetic literature in this well-written introduction.