A Harmony of the Gospels - Downloadable Single User PDF

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Workbook PDF (Single User) allows the convenience of being able to study the material anytime, anywhere - you will always have the material at your fingertips. May be stored electronically and printed for personal use.

About A Harmony of the Gospels

Mark Pape uses A.T. Robertson's classic outline on the Harmony of the Gospels to weave together the material in Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John into one continuous study of the life of Christ.

Careful consideration is given to place these events in chronological order. Studying the life of Christ in this manner, using a harmony of the gospels, gives a complete perspective to the events in His life. The reader understands the events and, most likely, the effects they had on those who witnessed them.

This workbook is divided into eleven sections. Each section covers the Gospel passages associated with it and includes questions.


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