8 Things No Kid Should Leave Home Without: Empower Your Teens to Be Successful on Their Own

by Ingram
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Joe McGee, author, life trainer, and former school administrator, reveals eight simple yet profound principles kids need to live successfully after they leave home. A parent's time with their kids at home is limited and before they realize it, it will be the moment for their children to move out of the house. Although it's important to spend quality time with our children - loving them and getting to know them - it's also important to prepare them for living life on their own.

Joe McGee gives parents eight powerful principles that go beyond vocation, ethnicity, religious background, or upbringing. They are simple things parents can give their kids to help them achieve a higher standard of living - a godly standard that will bring success and God's blessings.

These principles include:

  • Feeling secure in their self esteem
  • Having vision for their future
  • Understanding simple math
  • Developing organizational and time management skills
  • Learning to be humble
  • Developing communication skills
  • Having strong character
  • Embracing a sense of humor