10 Questions & Answers On Magic Spells & Divination

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What does the Bible teach about various forms of the occult like magic and spells?

The bestselling 10 Q & A on Magic, Spells & Divination pamphlet explains the attraction of the occult in today's society and addresses 10 popular questions with the truth of God's Word. The 14-page, full-color, resource covers a breadth of topics such as white magick, casting spells, witches, psychics, and much more. 10 Q & A on Magic, Spells & Divination pamphlet is an excellent teaching tool for youth and adult Bible study groups seeking biblical answers about the occult. The 10 Q & A on Magic, Spells & Divination pamphlet explains the contemporary rise of occult elements in the media and in games, and the lure of the occult.

Written by a former astrologer who is now a Christian, the pamphlet answers these questions:

  • Is white magic OK since it is using powers for good?
  • Does casting spells really work?
  • Are witches also Satanists? What's the difference?
  • Does astrology work?
  • Is it OK to read your horoscope just for fun?
  • What's the difference between a psychic and a biblical prophet, since both foretell the future?
  • Is it OK to contact the dead?
  • Are there such things as ghosts and haunted houses?
  • What about the Ouija boards--isn't it just a game?
  • Can we use crystals as a source of spiritual power?
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