Baptism 101: What the Bible Says About Baptism

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"What must I do to be saved?" is life's most important question. Baptism 101 offers Bible students a thorough explanation of what the Bible says about baptism - from what baptism is all about to why some people object to it as a necessary part of God's plan of salvation. Author Tim Alsup provides the facts and explains concepts believers need so that they can understand Christian baptism and share this truth with a spirit of love. The book is divided into three sections covering Scripture passages, questions and conclusions regarding baptism.

There are 13 chapters with discussion questions in the book, making it ideal for a quarterly Bible class study.

Chapter Titles Include:

  • Baptism Is About...Forgiveness in Jesus
  • Baptism Is About...Change in Jesus
  • What About Other Salvation Passages?
  • What About Salvation by God's Grace?
  • What Do I Need to Know Before I Am Baptized?
  • And more

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