WWG PRESCHOOL 4:1 ST-God's Greatest Gifts

Walking with God Series Preschool Year 4 Book 1 God's Greatest Gift This thirteen lesson workbook, covering various stories in the Old and New Testaments, details God's blessings for His people --from the world and families to salvation and godly friends. Each lesson, to be completed with the help of a parent, includes text, a memory verse, and activities. Contents:
  • The Wonderful World God Made
  • God Gives Us Families
  • Noah Thanks God For Keeping Him Safe
  • God Gives His People Food
  • King Solomon Prays To God
  • Daniel In The Lions' Den
  • God's Greatest Gift
  • Jesus Teaches Many Good Things
  • Jesus Died For Us
  • Jesus Goes To Heaven
  • The First Church
  • Saul Learns About Jesus
  • Friends Pray For Peter
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