The Bible is God's Word - Digging for Answers VBS Total Package

In the Bible is God's Word VBS curriculum, the reliability and inspiration of Scripture are covered, including how we know the Bible has been transmitted accurately down through the ages. Young people of all ages will have their confidence in the Bible bolstered. Materials for teens and adults are also included. The material is delivered to you on 3 separate discs. Disc One—CD-ROM • 5 Elementary and Teen/Adult Lessons • Games and Crafts • Artwork • Skits Disc Two—Digger Doug’s Underground DVD • 5 Great Episodes. Running Time Approx. 130 Minutes Disc Three—Is the Bible from God? DVD by Kyle Butt & Eric Lyons • 6-Lesson Seminar Proving the Bible’s Inspiration ELEMENTARY LESSON TITLES: Lesson 1: How We Got the Bible Lesson 2: The Bible is a Treasure Map Lesson 3: The Bible Predicts the Future Lesson 4: Godʼs Commands Help Us Lesson 5: Sharing Godʼs Word with Others *Each lesson comes with a PowerPoint presentation TEEN/ADULT LESSON TITLES: Lesson 1: How the Bible Came to Us Lesson 2: The Bible is Inspired Lesson 3: The Bible and Prophecy Lesson 4: The Bible and Science Lesson 5: Are There Mistakes in the Bible? Clip Art includes: • Classroom decorating ideas • Puppet props • Artwork for classroom decorations • Promotional clip art • Invitations • Name tags • Registration form • Certificates (Color and B&W) • Artwork for crafts and games • Banners NON-RETURNABLE