Promise VBS Kit 2020/22 Champion: Empowered by Jesus


To be the best, you must work hard. It takes practice, perseverance, and a little sweat to get to the top of the medal stand. With lessons from some of the best-loved passages of Scripture and a team of some of the world’s fastest animals, students will learn how to be a CHAMPION; Empowered by Jesus!

Lessons include:

  • Teamwork: Bible Story: Friends take a paralyzed man to Jesus (Mark 2:1-5)
  • Selfishness: Bible Story: Victory at Jericho (Joshua 5-6)
  • Devotion: Bible Story: Ruth and Naomi (Ruth 1-2)
  • Leadership: Bible Story: Gideon leads his people (Judges 6-7)
  • Faith: Bible Story: Saul’s conversion (Acts 9)

    Champion Will Help Children

    • Explore the excitement of leading others to a relationship with Jesus
    • Understand that working together with others and having obedient faith in Jesus will help them achieve greatness
    • Discover that Bible school can be fun

    Champion Includes:

    • Promotional ideas, classroom decorations, lesson-related crafts, fun skits, and activities
    • VBS theme song on an acappella CD
    • Creative decoration on Pinterest
    • Adult lessons by Author Mike O'Neal who worked at NASA for more than 30 yrs and preaches part-time at the East Orange Church of Christ in Orlando, FL

    The Starter Kit contains one Director Manual, one Adult Manual, six Teacher Manuals (one for each age level), six Student Manuals (one for each age level), plus many samples and reproducible items in a reusable plastic project case. .


    Kit will be available mid-March 2022

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