Seeing the Unseen

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Angels, Demons and Other Unseen Agents of Spiritual Activity

If you are interested in things unseen, you are not alone. It seems that no matter where you go, people have questions about the spiritual realm. Some of the questions may be answerable; others, seem unanswerable. Rest assured God has told us what we need to know while the rest will remain a mystery. Nonetheless, it should not be a topic we steer clear of, nor one we are afraid to study. Instead, we should seek to understand all we can about these issues.

Many people are led away into false systems of belief because of their unguided curiosity about these subjects. We don't have to pass a quiz on the Godhead, angels, Satan, and demons to get into Heaven, but there's a real danger that many will miss out on eternal bliss because they have been carried away by false teaching on these topics.

So just what does Scripture reveal about Things Unseen? Hopefully after reading through this study, you will be able to answer confidently.

13 Lessons

  • Part 1: The Godhead
  • Part 2: Angels
  • Part 3: Satan
  • Part 4: Demons Author: Bryan Nash