The Mission of Local Church


This workbook presents the local church in God's plan and the individual Christian's relationship to it. There are individual lessons that include the church's mission to care for the needy, visit and attend the sick, provide proper facilities, and oppose religious error among others. This book will build up any local congregation.

96 pages. 13 lessons. 

Contents Include:

  • The Local Church in God's Plan
  • The Local Church and I 
  • Caring For The Needy, Widows and Orphans (from an institutional viewpoint)
  • Visiting and Attending The Sick
  • Providing Facilities
  • Exhorting Its Members In The Christian Life
  • Providing For Proper Study Of The Bible
  • Training Preachers
  • Providing A Program of Worship To Edify Its Members
  • Sending Preachers To The Mission Fields
  • Preaching The Gospel In The Local Community
  • Opposing and Exposing Religious Error
  • "Shall Your Brethren Go To War, and Shall Ye Sit Here?"

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