FC Lectures 2015 - Light Shall Shine Out Of Darkness

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Florida College Lectures Book 2015 - Light Shall Shine Out of Darkness

Lessons include:

  • David McClister - "Let There Be Light": God Our Creator
  • Russ Bowman - I Am the Light of the World": God Our Redeemer
  • Wilson Adams - "The Lord God Will Be Their Light": God Our Perfecter
  • Mark McCrary - "God is Light": The Radiance of God's Glory
  • Jason Hardin - "Your Word Is a Lamp": The Light of God's Word
  • Rob Speer - "That the Eyes of Your Heart May Be Enlightened": The Illumination of the Spirit
  • Mike Richardson - "The Light of Israel Will Become a Fire": The Light of God's Judgment
  • Kyle Pope - "His Face Shone Like the Sun": The Transfiguration of Jesus
  • Ed Barnes - "A Light to Open the Eyes of the Blind": The Miracles of Blindness
  • David Beckley - "From Darkness to Light": Deliverance from Ignorance, Sin and Death
  • Lonnie Fritz - "Disguised as an Angel of Light": Walking by a Counterfeit Light
  • Brent Moody - "Put on the Armor of Light": Imitating Christ
  • Alex Ogden - "He Who Loves His Brother Abides in the Light": Loving One Another
  • Jerome Jackson - "You Are the Light of the World": Shining in the Midst of Darkness
  • Rick Billingsley - "A Light to the Gentiles": Evangelizing the World
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