FC Lectures 2009 - Guard the Trust: Studies in Paul's Letters to Timothy and Titus

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Paul's admonitions to Timothy and Titus have stirred the hearts of generations of fellow servants committed to the same work of fighting the good fight of faith. The studies in this series deal wit the issues and concerns Paul addressed: the vital need for sound doctrine; the work of elders, deacons, and evangelists; the important role of women; and conduct in the household of God. The challenge to "guard what has been entrusted" resonates throughout all three epistles and is as relevant today as ever. This volume contains manuscripts of the lectures presented on this topic. In order to further enhance the value of this book for students of these epistles, an introductory chapter by Tom Hamilton is included.



  • Guard the Trust - Sewell Hall
  • Fight the Good Fight - Harry Pickup, Jr.
  • I Know Whom I Have Believed - Paul Earnhart
  • Do the Work of an Evangelist - Ferrell Jenkins
  • Elders Who Rule Well - Terry Slack
  • Let Them Serve as Deacons - Bobby Schrimsher
  • Women Making a Claim to Godliness - Jeff Archer
  • A Tranquil and Quiet Life - David Curry
  • Zealous for Good Works - Ron Drumm
  • The Uncertainty of Riches - David Hartsell
  • To Be Sensible - Scott Owen
  • Let No Man Despise Your Youth - Bubba Garner
  • Correcting Those Who Are in Opposition - Jeff Himmel
  • Suffer Hardship - Tommy Hagewood
  • Discipline Yourself for Godliness - Al Diestelkamp

  • Edited by Dan Petty


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