WWG PRESCHOOL 4:4 ST-Following the Footprints of Jesus

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Walking with God Series Preschool Year 4 Book 4 Following the Footprints of Jesus This workbook with 13 lessons uses examples from the Old and New Testaments to teach children how to be more Christ-like. Each lesson, to be completed with the help of a parent, includes text, a memory verse, and activities. Contents:
  • How Sin Began
  • Zaccheus
  • The Prodigal Son
  • An Apostle Lies
  • Jesus Overcame Temptation
  • Jesus Visits the Temple
  • The Good Works of Dorcas
  • Because of a Little Girl
  • A Woman Who Shared
  • Jesus Forgives His Brothers
  • Isaac: A Man Who Would Not Quarrel
  • David and Jonathan
  • Following Jesus
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