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Short Bible Messages That Are Sure to Brighten Your Day

Some people have a way of saying things that are easily understood. Because of his life experiences, Rob Perkins has the ability write in a way you can understand his observations of life. Initially, "Uncle Rob" wrote these essays as emails to encourage the flock of God over which he serves as an elder. You will find these essays entertaining and encouraging. Each blog can easily be read in a few minutes. However, once you start reading, you will not want to stop.

From the Foreward...

Uncle Rob has a unique style of feeding and nurturing the flock of God over which he serves as an elder. At the close of each Lord’s Day he communicates by email important information about the local church. He may pass along an elder’s observation about attendance, member needs, or about the visitors who came that day to worship. His message may be an encouraging description of one of the members. In fact, he includes himself at times with self-deprecation because he too, as a humble child of God, faces life’s trials. Altogether with this review each week every member of this congregation should be motivated to be “ready for every good work” (Titus 3:1).  —Robert F. Harkrider

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