God's Big Plan: Through the Bible with Preschoolers Parent Packet

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Parent Packet (only one needed per family)

104 lessons provide a 1-year biweekly curriculum focusing on God’s plan for a relationship with mankind. Each lesson illustrates a theme such as God's love, God's authority, the meaning of obedience, God's power, the happiness of having a good relationship with God.

Age-appropriate text reduces complex ideas to vocabulary that preschoolers can understand.

Guided review at the beginning of each lesson encourages student participation and cements key concepts with repetition.

Questions at the end of each lesson confirm comprehension of the facts and application that were taught.

Twelve full-color pictures illustrate God’s Big Plan and Jesus’ fulfillment of it with simple text that preschoolers can memorize.

This easy-to-use parent packet encourages reinforcement of lessons at home for maximum learning. It includes:

  • Book of 104 lessons (only one needed per family)
  • 12 refrigerator magnets (3” x 4”)
  • Tips on the use of the curriculum

A Teacher Packet is also available.

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