The New Testament: From Then Until Now

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Inspiration - Transmission - Translation - Interpretation


The New Testament: From Then Until Now covers the processes of the transmission of the biblical text and the confusion over the translations in a concise, interesting, and thorough format that should be well suited for the average Bible student. The material in this booklet was originally presented as a series of classes by Mr. Moyer in 1995.


  • The Origin of the Scriptures - Inspiration -Divine Inspiration: The Concept -The Biblical Claim of Inspiration -The Nature of Inspiration -The Extent of Inspiration -Some Proofs of Inspiration -The Effects of Inspiration
  • Transmitting the Text - Preservation -How Ancient Manuscripts Were Written -Writing the New Testament -Early Manuscripts -Textual Variants -Textual Criticism -Greek Manuscripts for the English Bible
  • Revealing the Text - Translation -Some Early Translations -Some Problems in Translation -Some Translations Considered -Addendum: The 1995 Revision of the NASB
  • Understanding the Text - Interpretation -Some Fundamental Considerations -Some Personal Needs in Understanding -Some Biblical Knowledge That Is Essential -Why We Need a Proper Hermeneutical Approach -Four Important Rules in Bible Study -Some Rules of Hermeneutics


76 pages, paperback.

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