Parables About The Church CD


Reproducible Worksheets CD: Preschool-Kindergarten Parables About the Church, by Barbara Hanna, teaches the kingdom parables in simple language. There are thirteen lessons with a variety of activities. Lots of coloring, circle the picture-answer and cut and paste activities. The topics covered match RWS #5, The Kingdom Parables.

The two books could be used together to teach any combination of ages from two-years-old through fourth graders. Parables About the Church works well with one or more ages of preschool children, too. As with all of the preschool series, "Parent Review with Child" (PRC) cards are provided to help parents review each lesson at home. Parables covered are: the sower, tares, mustard seed, like yeast, treasure, pearl of great price, the wise man, workers in the vineyard, two sons, sheep and goats, secret seed and the great supper.