Miracles of Jesus CD


Reproducible Worksheets (CD) Preschool-Kindergarten

Lisa Smith has developed another excellent lesson series for children ages two through first grade. The lessons may be used with one age only or in a multi-age classroom. The emphasis is clearly written on the Attendance Charts, "JESUS -- SON OF GOD." His miracles prove that Jesus is God's Son. Those who have used other lesson books by Lisa are aware of the good variety of activities she includes, and that the activities help reinforce what has been taught by the teacher.

Lesson Titles:

  • Lesson 1: Miracles Defined
  • Lesson 2: A Net Full of Fish
  • Lesson 3: Through the Roof
  • Lesson 4: No Greater Faith
  • Lesson 5: Dead, Then Alive
  • Lesson 6: Calming a Storm
  • Lesson 7: Feeding the Multitudes
  • Lesson 8: Walking on Water
  • Lesson 9: Coin From a Fish
  • Lesson 10: Ten Lepers
  • Lesson 11: Blind Men See
  • Lesson 12: Healing Malchus
  • Lesson 13: Review