Follow Jesus CD


Reproducible Worksheets (cd)


Follow Jesus, by Barbara Hanna takes preschoolers through the life of Christ, explaining in simple language why they should "follow Jesus." The attendance chart uses a graphic of Jesus with His footprints so students may add stickers of children following in His steps. Children learn basic facts showing that Jesus is the Son of God and worthy of our love and obedience. When the death of Christ is covered, great emphasis is given to the fact that God brought Jesus back to life! Students make a picture of Jesus rising up in the clouds.

Many activities throughout the book cause children to remember basic facts. These include: mazes, matching like items, circling pictures of what was taught in the lesson, multiple-choice with pictures to circle, gluing, coloring, and much more. Parents will be amazed at how well children answer the questions on the Parent Review with Child (PRC) cards!

Uses KJV