Lessons From Hebrews CD

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Reproducible Worksheets (CD) Grades 1-6

Lisa Smith is the author of this excellent overview of the book of Hebrews for Grades 1-6. Some of the lessons use only one lesson text, and then a variety of activities for all ages. Other lessons are more difficult and require an easier lesson text for younger students and a more detailed text for older students. These lessons also contain many different activities, and you will be able to select those best suited to the abilities of the students in your classroom.

The CD makes it much easier to provide you with many different types of learning experiences for your students. And if you have access to a color printer, there are many activities that you will enjoy printing in color. They will also print well in black and white.

Lessons Included:

  • Things We Can Know about Angels
  • Jesus, Our High Priest
  • A Better Covenant
  • Jesus, Always the Same
  • An Unshakable Kingdom
  • Brotherly Love
  • Willful Sin
  • Chastening
  • Hebrews 11, Faith
  • A Bad Example
  • Only Milk?
  • God Is on Our Side
  • Never Give Up

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