John's Epistles Bible Lessons CD

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Reproducible Worksheets (CD) Ages 2 through Grade 4

RWS #12, John's Epistles can be taught to a multi-age classroom of children age two through fourth grade. It would also be excellent for any class of one or two age groups. Both Lisa Smith and Barbara Hanna have had to meet the needs of small congregations, and  know how difficult it can be to teach several age groups in one classroom. 

For each lesson there is a Teachers' Instructions page, lesson text and activities for grade school children, and also activities for preschoolers. There are numerous types of activities to reinforce what has been taught from God's Word and sometimes even provide additional teaching as children look up scriptures to complete the challenges. Older students fill out crossword puzzles, do codes, match parts of scriptures, fill in blanks from scriptures and then find them in a word search, and much more! Preschoolers are given simple activities like circling pictures of items from the lesson, coloring booklets or pictures, answering multiple choice questions by circling the correct picture answer, and gluing pictures to help them learn!

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