Esther and Jonah OT Bible Lessons CD


Reproducible Worksheets (cd) includes 2 sections. You will notice that there is an overlap in the age levels for RWS #113, as Lisa covers grades 1-6 and John's lessons are written for grades 5-8. The teacher may look over the lessons and determine which teaching text and activities best fit the needs of the ages and abilities of students in his or her class. Lessons by Lisa Smith and John K. Wills both cover the same lesson topics for each lesson, but the lessons for older students are taught in greater detail.

The CD makes it much easier to provide you with many different types of learning experiences for your students. And if you have access to a color printer, there are many activities that you will enjoy printing in color. They will also print well in black and white.


Lesson Titles include:

  • Queen Vashti Displeased the King
  • Esther Chosen to Be Queen
  • Haman's Plot to Destroy the Jews
  • Mordecai Asked Esther for Help
  • Esther's Request of the King
  • Mordecai Is Honored By the King
  • Haman Died on His Own Gallows
  • The New Decree
  • The Jews Overcame Their Enemies
  • The Feast of Purim
  • Jonah Tried to Run From God
  • Jonah's Prayer and Preaching
  • God Taught Jonah About Compassion

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