Elijah and Elisha OT Bible Lessons CD

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Reproducible Worksheets (CD) Build the faith of your students as they study the lives and miracles of two great prophets, Elijah and Elisha. The sample, Lesson 5, "Times of Trouble," will help prepare students to meet the difficulties in life without falling away from God. Just as in the days of Elijah, there are many today who will not bow to Baal.

Lessons Include:

  • The Prophet Elijah
  • Gentile Widow
  • Elijah's Challenge
  • Elijah Prayed for Rain
  • Times of Trouble
  • Elijah Called Elisha
  • Ahab and Naboth
  • Won't You Ever Learn?
  • Chariot of Fire
  • Oil Saved the Day
  • Elisha's Guest Room
  • Naaman Obeyed
  • Enemy Blinded

About the series:

All students in a multi-age classroom may study the same Bible topic, with additional teaching being provided for older students. Age appropriate activities are offered. The teacher determines which pages to print for his or her students.

Grades 1-4 review the lesson and learn from a variety of coloring pages, codes, cut and paste, crossword puzzles, word searches, etc. For this age group two levels of activities are often provided, such as a simple crossword puzzle and a more difficult one.

Grades 5-8 are given a more difficult text and they review what they have learned with true and false, multiple choice, fill in the blanks, discussion questions, etc.

RWS books and CDs are ideal to use when teaching one age level or a multi-age classroom. RWS books and CDs may also be used as supplemental material along with other curriculum.

The CD makes it much easier to provide you with many different types of learning experiences for your students. And if you have access to a color printer, there are many activities that you will enjoy printing in color. They will also print well in black and white.

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