Christian Fundamentals (grades 5 & 6)


Reproducible Worksheets (book)

13 lessons for 5th and 6th Grades.

This contains lessons with interesting activities which fortify the teaching of Bible truths: word searches, crossword puzzles, multiple choice, etc. Bible reading and memorization is also included. This one workbook has 3 quarters (nine months) material that originally was printed in 3 separate books: "According to God's Pattern", "Developing Christian Character" & "Following in Christ's Footsteps".

  • "According to God's Pattern" explains worship, conversion, elders and deacons, and living faithful Christian lives.
  • "Developing Christian Character" helps develop virtues: honesty, kindness, love, patience, etc... Application for today.
  • "Following in Christ's Footsteps" goes through the book of Mark & covers many topics not covered by traditional curriculum, such as:
    • The birth of Christ is not Christmas
    • Obey God not commandments of men
    • Jesus already established His kingdom, the church
    • Grace does not negate the necessity of obedience

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