The Heart of a Father: How You Can Become a Dad of Destiny

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Connecting with your child's heart is one of the most satisfying experiences in life.

Every father has a hidden desire for his childrento see them surpass him. How can this come about? Ken Canfield gives a three-part blueprint: First, a dad should examine his own heart. Next, he should take steps to improve the way he connects with his children. Then, he should take a longer range view and plan specifically for a lifetime of involved fathering.

Based on years of careful research involving thousands of fathers, this book is a solid reference tool for fathers. Canfield’s three-part blueprint addresses:

  • A father’s past. A father should resolve his relationship with his own father in order to effectively build a relationship with his children.
  • How to make a dad’s house a home. Canfield explains how to build the four “walls” or dimensions, of fathering:
    • involvement
    • consistency
    • awareness
    • nurturance
  • A plan for the future. From being a new father to being a grandfather, dads face challenges at each stage of their life.

With the long-range perspective this book provides, fathers can anticipate and prepare for the changing situations they’ll face. 

Never underestimate your power as a father.  You undoubtedly will influence and shape future generations.

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