Was Blind, But Now I See

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How Real People in the Real World Finally Found the Real Truth

How would you like to sit down with someone who has obeyed the gospel, found his or her true purpose for living, and have that person tell you how he/she got there and what the journey was like?

We did that very thing, and in this book several people relate their fascinating stories. It was often an arduous journey. To some it was difficult because they had believed what was false and found it challenging – even disturbing – to accept what was true. To others it was demanding in that it required great courage to break the bonds of Satan that so ensnared them in profane living.

Not surprisingly, these real people didn’t come to the real truth on their own. Each had help from one or more caring individuals who guided them to the Savior of men. You’ll hear the story-tellers express their deep appreciation for that. (We, too, need our own passion for the lost. Read Paul Earnhart’s piece at the beginning.) You may recognize the names of those who directly or indirectly influenced those who’ve told their stories: Lloyd Barker, Gary Ogden, Kerry Keenan, Rich Leggatt, Denny Freeman, Curtis Pope, Ferrell Jenkins, Brownlee Reaves, Daryl Townsend, Marty Pickup, and Shane Scott.

So sit down, open the book, and hear these people, in their own words, tell the stories. You will be inspired and encouraged.

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