The Home: God's First Great Institution

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"It has been the purpose of this work to both inspire and to assist husbands and wives, parents and children in the solving of problems which arise in their family relationships, while at the same time instructing each one in the teaching of the word of God," writes Grant Caldwell concerning the purpose of this book.

This book / workbook has thirteen lessons with questions at the end of each lesson. While there are references to a variety of sources, there is a strong appeal to the Scripture in each lesson. This study will be beneficial for married couples as well as those preparing to marry.

The Lessons include:

Lesson 1: The Importance of the Home

Lesson 2: The Groundwork for Successful Marriages

Lesson 3: What Makes a Marriage

Lesson 4: The Relationship of Husband and Wife

Lesson 5: The Responsibilities of Husband and Wife

Lesson 6: Why Marriages Fail

Lesson 7: Divorce and Remarriage

Lesson 8: The Relationship of Parents and Children

Lesson 9: The Responsibilities of Parents and Children

Lesson 10: The Training of Children

Lesson 11: Successes and Failures of Parents and Children

Lesson 12: The Problems of Youth

Lesson 13: Dealing With Family Problems


In addition to these lessons, there is an introduction What Have They Seen In Your House, a song Love and Honor, and a bibliography.

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