Elder Ben Franklin: Eye Of Storm

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A look at the restoration movement as it swirled around Elder Ben Franklin in the stormy years of his career. The stormy years between 1844-1865 which are covered in this book, found both the nation and the restoration movement riding on an angry sea of instability. The Mexican War, followed by restless movements to the West, saw the plains of Kansas swept with fiery disturbances. While the irrepressible slavery controversy grew in intensity, dreamy-eyed travelers scaled the western mountains, searching for gold and a new El Dorado. Nothing, however compared to the spine-tingling turbulence of the Civil War. Christian young men found their way into both armies while anxious parents watched and waited for the news they feared would come. While these inflammatory trends were occuring, many Christians pursued their search for the ancient order of things in religion. Though often scourged by painful trials and perturbed by the somber flow of events, they never lost sights of their goal to restore the power and vigor of the ancient order of things.

You will enjoy reading about the experience of some of your predecessors during this struggle, and you will find your own faith strengthened by their steadfast devotion.

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