A Tribute To Melvin D. Curry, Jr.

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Melvin Curry has been a member of the faculty at Florida College since 1963. He served as chairman of the Bible Department from 1975-1991. Without doubt he has taught more different courses than any other teacher in the history of the college. In addition to courses in New Testament, Old Testament, Religious Thought, Biblical Languages (both Hebrew and Greek), he taught Humanities for several years.

On the occasion of his formal retirement from Florida College, his colleagues in the department of Biblical Studies, and other former students and associates have contributed to the "Festschrift" as a tribute to Melvin Curry. It is hoped that these essays will be of value to others who serve in the Kingdom of God.

Contributors include: Dee Bowman, CG "Colly" Caldwell, Kenneth Chumbley, John Clark, Thaxter Dickey, Homer Hailey, James A. Hodges, Ferrell Jenkins, Jason Longstreth, David McClister, Ray Madrigal, Bob Owen, Marty Pickup, Daniel W. Petty, Curtis Pope, Phil Roberts, Shane Scott, Michael Schmidt, Almon WIlliams, and Steve Wolfgang.

Each of them counts him a friend.

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