The Inspiration and Authority of the Bible

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An analysis of questions pertaining to textual and higher criticism, with the purpose to vindicate an infallible Bible.

For a more comprehensive review of this work, follow this link: Warfield Review.pdf

Please note that this author does espouse some Calvinistic ideas in this work.

446 pages, hardback.


  • Introduction
  • The Biblical Idea of Revelation
  • The Church Doctrine of Inspiration
  • The Biblical Idea of Inspiration
  • The Real Problem of Inspiration
  • The Terms "Scripture" and "Scriptures" as Employed in the New Testament
  • "God-Inspired Scripture"
  • "It Says:" "Scripture Says:" "God Says"
  • "The Oracles of God"
  • The Canon of the New Testament
  • Inspiration and Criticism
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